Welcome to Fifty Year Perspective



In chaos theory there is a concept called the butterfly effect. In a version

of it, a butterfly in Brazil  flaps its wings, setting in motion a sequence

of events that ultimately triggers a tornado in Texas. Think

of globalization’s progress as the geopolitical equivalent

of the butterfly effect. In a globalized world, a

seemingly minor event in one place can

lead to disastrous effects elsewhere.


Fifty Year Perspective is a global issues

forum created by Keith Zeff to analyze

the linkages from trends, decisions

and actions to impacts, in the

complicated chain of cause

and effect.


FYP will examine a myriad

of interrelated issues,

arrayed in the seven

categories on the left,

affecting the stability

of the world order.

Sustainability is the

guiding  principle.



is a necessity.

Only by taking

a long-term


will we find

paths to




and peace.